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Family Law

Most of the time, family law is about loss.  We need to work hard to minimize the damage.

A family may be breaking apart—both adults and children have special needs during this vulnerable period.  It is crucial to ensure that all parties are treated fairly under the law.

There are situations, such as adoption, when family law is a joyous, positive experience.  If you are considering adoption, it is crucial to ensure that it is done properly.  In my experience, nothing is worse than a botched adoption.


I do not recommend divorce to anyone.  It can be a very destructive experience to every member of the family.  No one wins a divorce case, and the biggest losers are the children.

However, when all efforts to save the marriage have failed, it can be the best or only course.  The object in a divorce should be to make sure that everyone in the family is treated fairly and has his or her needs met as much as possible.

Most cases should be settled between the parties rather than fought out in court.  This is because, to paraphrase more judges than I can count, “You are adults.  If you are unable to work out your differences and your plans for your and your children’s lives, a total stranger will make those decisions for you, and you will have no choice but to live with them.  I am that stranger.  It is much better for you and your kids if you can set aside your differences and make compromises that you can live with.  If I have to make the decisions for you, you will not think that you won.”

It is rare, but sometimes a case needs to be tried before a judge.  You need an attorney with substantial trial experience, who knows not only the rules of procedure and evidence, but who knows how to choose between a quiet approach and going toe-to-toe with witnesses and, when necessary, the judge.


I work with Jolley & Jolley, APLC for most of my family law cases.  If you have a family law issue and need to help, please contact me at 801-215-9665 or, and I will direct you to the right contact person for your situation.


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